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Quotes, Sayings and Idioms to inspire and motivate you as you cook, bake and serve others through food.

Healthy, delicious recipes using fresh, whole foods that are easy to prepare.  You’ll find a wonderful recipe for Mushroom Chicken, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies & more.  Cooking from scratch can be easy, quick, healthy and delicious.  Let’s get back to the family table and spend time enjoying our food.  Check back often for the latest recipes and join me in healthy happy cooking.

Need help picking a healthy snack?  Sharpening your knives? Preparing a quick and easy soup?  You'll find that and more in our video archive of healthy cooking.

Fun and interesting things that make your time in the kitchen easier.  Happy cooking!

Vicki Heath, First Place 4 Health National Director

"Lisa and I have cooked together for many years and I have observed first hand, the care and thoughtfulness she uses in preparing every meal she serves. She has the ability to bless others with food – from the Vegan to the fast food junkie.

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