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Sunday Night Salads-in-a-Jar

One of my favorite ways to use quart-sized canning jars is to pack them with salads. I can make them on Sunday night and just grab and go all week. There are a few keys to layering your salad so that it is fresh and crispy when you are ready to eat it.

• Dressing first!—This keeps everything from getting soggy. • Hardier ingredients next—onions, carrots, beans, peas, bell pepper, olives, etc. These will get great flavor from sitting in the dressing! Apples will work in this layer too. Be sure to give them a little lemon juice/water bath before adding to keep them from browning. • Keep layering—Pack your layers tightly. The less air between layers, the longer it will stay fresh. • Last layer—Your healthy extras and/or cheeses.

HEALTHY HACK: Freshen up your limp kale or other vegetables by dropping them into ice water. Plants wilt due to water loss. Ice water restores their crispness. One more thing—If you are using less hardy options like guacamole, avocado or hard boiled eggs, you might pack them separately and add right before you serve. Check out our recipe page for an awesome Southwest Salad that works well in a jar.

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