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Supersimple Switches to Cut Calories

The most effective weight-loss strategy doesn't require you to abandon the foods you love, just make a few supersimple switches. Do that and you'll trade diets and weight fluctuations for healthy eating patterns and a healthier you. Who wouldn’t make that switch?

  • Make your sandwich open-faced. (Save 100 calories.)

  • Top 8 crackers with one cup of apple slices, instead of cheese. (Save 100 calories.)

  • Choose a fresh spring roll instead of a fried egg roll. (Save 100 calories.)

  • Eat chocolate sorbet instead of chocolate ice cream. (Save 140 calories per ½ cup.)

  • Skip the crust on apple pie. (Save 100 calories.)

  • Swap pepperoni on your pizza for veggies, such as fresh tomatoes and peppers. (Save 100 calories per two slices.)

  • Use a 6-inch flour tortilla instead of a 10-inch on your next burrito. (Save 120 calories.)

  • Eat a whole wheat English muffin at breakfast instead of a bagel. (Save 150 Calories.)

  • Leave 10 French fries on your plate. (Save 100 Calories.)

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